BB's Faves

Bands: Dave & the Waves, Fr. G & the Bees

Songs: God Loves Me, Follow You

Food: Watermelon

Color: Blue of course!

Season: Summer

Flower: Roses

Book: Bible - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

Thing to do: BBfy Stuff! BB loves to stick her BB stickers on everything from her little Holy water bottle... squirt, squirt... to her BB Beat Box. She would never stick them on Fr. G's surfboard or guitar though without asking first!

Fr. Mark speaks about St. Philip's supernatural heart and Joy. 15 minutes into the video he speaks about Little Souls and the bible.

Chris Keyes, at about the 20 ish minute mark, begins a beautiful teaching on Little Souls speaking words of encouragement from the Holy Spirit. He goes on to explain how "amazingly precious you are in the eyes of God and that He has a plan for your life. He concludes with a wonderful prayer to God the Father that applies to each Little Soul.