BB Book Basics

The Marian Consecration for Little Souls Retreat is Simple, Fun & Flexible!

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The BB Book is separated into 9 MC Times (Marian Consecration Time). 

Each MC Time features a conversation between Fr. G and BB.

At the end of each MC Time there are "It's your turn Little Souls" questions. Answers are at the back of the BB Book.

You decide when to schedule each MC Time.

MC Time 9 includes the "Marian Consecration for Little Souls Prayer" and a list of Marian Feast days for advanced planning.

In two bonus chapters, Fr. G and BB discuss how to set up your own "Secret Place" and "How to Spend Time With God." 

The MC Retreat can be experienced Individually, in Families or Groups, Sunday School, Summer Camps, Home Schooling or the Classroom. Ideal for Advent & Lent; or the Marian months of May, August and October ... or anytime really says, BB!

Fr. G and BB extend a special invitation to all priests to offer MC for Little Souls to their flocks.

Get your BB Books! 

Download the Free Retreat BB Group Guide!

PS ... the BB Book is for the whole family ... consider making a ... 

Do you have family or friends away from the faith? Gift them a BB Book and let the Holy Spirit work through Fr. G and BB to remove barriers to hear the Gospel message anew recounting the most popular Marian Apparition stories.  

BB calls it ... Mission - "Apparition Evangelization" ... proclaiming the Gospel through Marian apparitions.

We have to win the whole world and each soul, now and in the future until the end of times, for the Immaculate, and through her, for the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.” - St. Maximilian María Kolbe

The BB Book is a Hit!

... with adults too! 

Get your BB Books! 

Download the Free Retreat BB Group Guide!

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