24 BB Book Bundle - FREE SHIPPING

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24 BB Book Bundle - FREE SHIPPING
24 BB Book Bundle - FREE SHIPPING

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Retailer Tips:

Designate one BB Book from your First Case Ordered to allow Customers to Flip through and Discover the Thirty-One HD Full Color Gloss Sacred Art Images.

Where Possible, Stack the BB Books by the Register.

Stores who prefer to be invoiced call 1.888.501.1083 

Order 5 or More Books - $6.50/Book Plus Shipping

  • Full Color Gloss Softcover Book Featuring Illustrations of Fr. G and BB, Sacred Art and Icons. 5.5 x 7.5 inches. 116 pages.

  • Engaging Retreat Combined with Story Telling.

  • Download the Free BB Group Guide.

The only book of its kind written for the family! This apparition based retreat is ... "awesome" ... "brilliant" ... "gripping" ... "a page turner" ... "profound" ... "spectacular" ... "genius" say the adults who have read it and love it! 

More Mission than Book.

Marian Consecration for Little Souls is more than a book... it is the opportunity to participate in "Apparition Evangelization." Jesus, through Our Lady of Fatima, made it clear to Lucia He desired that she make His mother known and loved. The BB Book fulfills that very desire. The trailer flips through the physical book.

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